Friday, January 22, 2010

The Site Has Merged

You can now follow the new site with more content and more bloggers.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Not Funny

Well I guess we shouldn't be too suprised that a government TSA employee is dumb, but this guy should burn.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Children! The Children!

I'm am sure you have been driving before and seen the blinking light indicating that everyone must now drive 15mph. You see children are about to attend school and you should be careful to not hit a precious child. "Hey! I don't see any children! I am late to work and I can't make it through this light because everyone has slowed down because a cop is sitting here making sure everyone obeys the blinking speed limit." Exhales...
It doesn't matter that there is not a child in sight. Crazy, unemployed parents who drive their kids to school want you to slow down because of the children. Pay it no mind that this school is on a very busy street and the speed limit just went from 40mph to 15mph. If a psycho parent yells loud enough, she gets her way, regardless of whether or not she is right. Sounds kind of like a 4 year old right?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mummers Suck

I am a hater of parades in general because I don't see the point. I have a particular displeasure with the Mummers. People bitch about the Mummers threatening to not having enough funding and that the city should pay for. A few of these people never bother to attend the parade and the cost is extreme. "As of 2008, the parade cost the city over $1 million each year, including $750,000 for police and parade services and $360,000 in prize money. The 2008 budget crisis has led the city to propose closing numerous libraries and firehouses and the scaling back of expenditures for the parade, offering $300,000 for the 2009 parade and nothing for 2010." Nothing sounds about right. The people who wan this parade to continue can pony up the money themselves, the tax payer should not be responsible. I implore parade watchers to tune into the Parade of Roses on TV for their parade fix and to watch college football. I understand the Mummers go way back, but to me its a bunch of fairies prancing around. I approve of the parade's existence so long as it does not tax the locals. If the Mummers want to continue to do what they enjoy its time to pay to play.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Earn your Dog Tags

It is all too common to find hip hop artists and wannabe kids from the suburbs wearing fake military tags around their neck. First of all, Fuck You! It's not a fashion statement, you have to earn those dog tags by fighting and risking your life for your country. Your posing as a veteran and it is offensive to those who served. The same dog tags that are taken off soldiers dead in war to give to their families are being worn by (Insert random rapper) or white suburban kid who thinks he's tough. Either earn your tags or don't wear them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Ain't going to be no rematch"

The prospect of a Big Ten Title game has me thinking of Michigan and Ohio State in late November. A rematch between the two teams or any rematch of any kind has me vomiting. Conference title games are rarely necessary in the present format and would likely not be necessary at all of you played every team in your conference. The last time the Big Ten had a controversy over who got the top bowl slot was in 1998 when a three way time between Michigan, Ohio State, and Wisconsin saw the Badgers go through despite not playing Ohio State and losing to Michigan. It's obviously only about money. The Big Ten apparently no longer has stones to stand apart from the pack. The conference already gates more than any other conference in the country yet they need a little more dough. Welcome to the further deteriation of college football. If the 12th team is not Notre Dame it's bad for college football.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mob Sucks

In our culture there is a glorification of mobsters, wise guys, and made men. They are celebrating in the Godfather, Goodfellas, Scarface, and the Sopranos to name a few. I am not saying these films and show are not good, I just feel that they are celebrating and that it's cool to act like the Mafia. How many derilicks do you know that think they are tough or act Mafioso because they think its cool. The Mafia are not to be celebrated whether their Italian, Irish, Russian, or whatever. These people suck and they should be condemned.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Get Bent Charlie Strong

It's not the color of your skin that prevents you from coaching. Politics do play a role, as they do with all things in life. The Rooney rule in the NFL is a joke, along with Affirmative action. The best coaches will continue to get the chance to coach in league no matter if they are black or white. There should be no requirement to interview a minority coach. The team will hire who they feel is best able to run the program or franchise. A forced interview is insulting to minorities as well as white Americans. Players fight for positions in camp and in practice and the best man for the team wins out. The best coaches will continue to find jobs by building resumes and competing. Politics, not race should be the main focus on controversy.

I am Your Conscience: Driving

You know you have to get over. Do not play dumb and wait until the last second to change lanes. You do not have VIP access. You do not get to cut ahead in line. I will sooner physically injure you than let you in. Several people commit this act daily and cops should punish them for it in lieu of speeding tickets. This has alot to do with slowing down traffic. Please stop being a douche and wait your turn because we all have things we would rather be doing.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blame it on the Henne?

Yeah that makes sense. Apparently, Ron Artest is so thug that he used to drink Hennesy at halftime.